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About Us

Mandra Lions Club is currently engaged in developing the rural areas of seven districts of West Bengal and provide basic facilities. We are currently working in the areas of Purulia, Murshidabad, Maldah, Birbhum, North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur and Bnakura with all blocks and gram panchayat. Our organization also collect relief, send it to the areas where natural calamity destroyed everything. In the past years we collected relief and sent to the AILA affected areas of Sundarban and in recent we helped the people of West Bengal. Besides that, we are working on reducing hunger problem by measuring the status of malnutrition among children and sent those cases to Government and higher administration to make a change. We also take the initiative to distribute free books, study materials and provide food to the destitute students and helpless families.

All the activities and plans of us till now run smoothly because of the help and support of our kindest donors, volunteers, active members. We are very much grateful to them and hoping that in future they will be with us in this journey.

We are registered under the Register of Societies and Registration ACT, XXVI Of 1961, bearing Reg. No. — S/47519 dated 16-02-1985 . We are also registered under FCRA, bearing Reg No. — 146990050. Our Unique Id of NGO/VO is- WB/2017/0158686.


We want to empower people and help to build up their capacity for self-esteem and balanced development. Provide basic education and knowledge of their rights.


We want to create a society without poverty and injustice; people will enjoy their lives, get their rights and live with dignity.


We will work for the overall welfare and socioeconomic development of the rural  community; try to provide basic benefits on health, education, etc.