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Our Projects

Child Rights & Education

Mandra Lions Club started an initiative to provide the children of rural areas basic education and benefits. Children are the future of our society, they will take us ahead in the world, will represent us in a new way. But before that, the children should be in a healthy society where they will get education, will be free to learn & grow and most of all get their basic rights. Unfortunately, most of the children in our society don’t get proper food and shelter, education is a far thing for them. We understand the problem and came forward to help the children to get back their rights.

Human rights

Mandra Lions Club empower people of tribal communities to understand their basic rights in society.   Humans have some basic rights in the society which are proper food, shelter, having a job and get respect. People from tribal community and rural areas are mostly illiterate, they are tortured and ill-treated by the higher people in the society. They don’t know about their basic rights provided by the government and even can’t claim for them. We organize seminars to make them aware about their rights, help to understand their problems and guide them to get the attention of government.

Livelihood & Food Security

Mandra Lions Club provide food security to the tribal people by improving their way of living and earning. Food is the primary need in life and is a mandatory thing in every one’s life. But the people in tribal areas, spend their most of the days in life by starving. They do not even have the opportunity to grow their own food due to the lack of proper field and time. We help them by distributing seeds, advanced tools and proper knowledge to get their food and empower them to improve their livelihood.

Public Health

Mandra Lions Club arranges public health camps to improve the health standard of the people in rural areas of WB.  Health is the best wealth in a man’s life and a healthy person is the happiest one in this world. But in a developing country like India, health has become a luxury people don’t even try to improve it. The people of rural areas have to work hard 24 hours a day to earn their bread, as a result their health become weak enough. Besides that, poor sanitation, untidy environment and less food makes their health feeble enough to get ill easily. We organize public health camps to check their health on a regular basis, provide them medicine and help them understand about the health problems.

Women Development & Empowerment

Women are the backbone of a society who take care of our health, house and life. They sacrifice their passion, love and life just to make a family and society happy; but we never pay them back with the same. The society tortures them, breaks their dignity and try to make them suffocate in their own areas. As a responsible organization, Mandra Lions Club take an initiative to empower them by educating them about their rights.

Save the Environment

Our environment is affecting badly day by day because of our harmful activities. Different mills and factories release harmful gases in the air every day that pollute our environment, become a reason of illness; the polluted air affects our respiratory system and make us ill for the rest of life. As a result of deforestation, the weather becomes hot and polluted enough to become poisonous for all. We arrange occasions like planting trees, cleaning the areas etc.and make people aware about the environment.

Animal Husbandry

Animal husbandry is an advanced way in animal breeding, farming and caring for farm animals. In rural areas, people pet farm animals in their houses, we just want to guide them the proper maintain process so that they can earn a good amount also. We provide enough knowledge about animal husbandry and help to build shades for the animals. It will definitely affect their livelihood.